Wedding Lashes – Which one do you like?

Wedding Lashes

As a eyelash manufacturer, one of my favorite things is to make every bride different. Eyes are particularly important as a window to the human heart. And wearing different styles of Wedding Lashes can have different effects.

Every woman has her own style and ideas and wants to look different on the most important day of her life. Sometimes my bride does not have real makeup, but she is already very beautiful just wearing false mink lashes. Even brides who may often wear makeup may worry about the condition of their falsies lashes on the day of their wedding. I will break down various options to get amazing faux lashes and help you choose the best option for yourself!

Strip Eyelashes for Wedding Lashes

This is a favorite choice for most of my brides, and I include high-quality strip lashes in all my wedding makeup. When choosing mink wholesale lashes, it is important to choose natural eyelashes with invisible straps so that they blend seamlessly with your false eyelash wholesale. Waterproof eyelash glue is essential, I recommend choosing the transparent version instead of the black version. If your hands are a bit unstable, black may be everywhere and difficult to remove! After applying mascara or after applying mascara, apply mascara again.

Individual eyelashes

These are small clusters of 3 to 6 beautiful eyelashes and apply a strong glue. They are sometimes called “weekend” eyelashes because they can stay for 2-3 days. The length of the eyelashes is short, medium or long. They may look natural if only a few are applied, or they can be layered for a bolder look. I prefer to use black glue on these eyelashes. Clear glue may look shiny or flaky. Eyelashes can be applied the day before the wedding, but if possible, I recommend applying eyelashes in the morning to prevent them from falling off.

Semi-permanent eyelash extension

Another popular choice for my brides! Depending on your needs, these eyelashes look natural or eye-catching. The initial application will take 1.5 – 2 hours. Each eyelash in the eyelash curler is separated by tweezers, and a strong glue is used to apply a single eyelash. Ideal for honeymoon trips that last several weeks. You can get these applications 2-3 days before the wedding. Always perform a patch test 48 hours before applying the glue to ensure that you will not react to the glue.

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