The Best False Eyelashes For The Wedding Day!

Even if you have never considered using wholesale fake lashes or best false eyelashes in your daily life, you can consider including it in your bridal beauty plan. Contrary to popular belief, fake bangs are not just exaggerated and exaggerated eye makeup. Depending on the type of fan eyelashes you choose and how to use it, you can create makeup from simple to bold.

This is a super easy way to adjust your makeup habits a bit to make it more special on this important day, not to mention-unlike many mascaras-even if you shed tears of joy , They will not fall off. They are also beautiful in the photos: “Best False Eyelashes can make your eyes look cocked and open, and enhance your original eye shape,” explains Chicago makeup artist Brandon Millier.

What is the secret to the success of false eyelashes wholesale? Melear recommends that first, choose a hairstyle that fits the shape of your eyes, and remember that most hairstyles can be cut or trimmed to make them fit your eyes perfectly. It is also important: use a little mascara. He pointed out that applying a small amount of waterproof mascara to the hair roots where the faux eyelashes faux lashes are attached can help the eyelash fans to blend together better.

Are you ready to make your silk lashes sparkle? This is our favorite fake eyelashes.

Magnetic eyelashes

“A pair of these eyelashes allows you to wear 30 times,” Melear said, so if you want to buy false eyelashes, you can also take them to your honeymoon. He also pointed out that because they are attached together by small magnets, they are fast and easy to use. (This means that they also contain no glue, which is a boon for those who are sensitive to the adhesive around the eyes.) Choose a more dramatic or natural scene; both are made of non-cruel nylon and silk wool.

Timeless Best False Eyelashes Beauty Mink Lashes

This real mink lashes is one of the top choices of Berry MinkLashes, they are made with 100% mink fur and look completely natural and very fluffy. One set can be re-worn 25 to 30 times with a long life. At the same time, if you want to whosale mink lashes or sell it, we can also provide exclusive customized packaging boxes and have free false lashes samples! Conveniently place them in reusable packaging cases.

Silk false eyelashes & Vegan lashes

You may heard about silk false eyelashes, I guess most of you guys feeling they are not good eough because the bad quality. But now it’s time to luanch our new design silk false lashes to you. Vegan Faux Mink Lashes Silk Eyelashes! Our silk lashes have great quality compare with other lash supplier lashes. We can use more than 20 times and it’s 100% vegan. Even our silk lash packaging boxes are also environmentally friendly packaging cases! So if you want to try best silk lashes best false eyelashes or start your eyelash business, just contact us to have best eyelashes product!

Best False Eyelashes Festival Party Mink Lashes

This kind of best false eyelashes is specially customized for parties and festivals. It has an extra-long length of 28mm to help you shine and stand out. At the same time, the waterproof and anti-bending feature can also make you carefree at the wedding, without worrying about playing and playing to destroy it.

After seeing so many customized eyelashes, have you chosen the eyelash style you want most? For low-cost wholesale eyelashes or to learn more about choosing eyelashes, please contact us directly!


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Wedding Lashes – Which one do you like?

As a eyelash manufacturer, one of my favorite things is to make every bride different. Eyes are particularly important as a window to the human heart. And wearing different styles of Wedding Lashes can have different effects.

Every woman has her own style and ideas and wants to look different on the most important day of her life. Sometimes my bride does not have real makeup, but she is already very beautiful just wearing false mink lashes. Even brides who may often wear makeup may worry about the condition of their falsies lashes on the day of their wedding. I will break down various options to get amazing faux lashes and help you choose the best option for yourself!

Strip Eyelashes for Wedding Lashes

This is a favorite choice for most of my brides, and I include high-quality strip lashes in all my wedding makeup. When choosing mink wholesale lashes, it is important to choose natural eyelashes with invisible straps so that they blend seamlessly with your false eyelash wholesale. Waterproof eyelash glue is essential, I recommend choosing the transparent version instead of the black version. If your hands are a bit unstable, black may be everywhere and difficult to remove! After applying mascara or after applying mascara, apply mascara again.

Individual eyelashes

These are small clusters of 3 to 6 beautiful eyelashes and apply a strong glue. They are sometimes called “weekend” eyelashes because they can stay for 2-3 days. The length of the eyelashes is short, medium or long. They may look natural if only a few are applied, or they can be layered for a bolder look. I prefer to use black glue on these eyelashes. Clear glue may look shiny or flaky. Eyelashes can be applied the day before the wedding, but if possible, I recommend applying eyelashes in the morning to prevent them from falling off.

Semi-permanent eyelash extension

Another popular choice for my brides! Depending on your needs, these eyelashes look natural or eye-catching. The initial application will take 1.5 – 2 hours. Each eyelash in the eyelash curler is separated by tweezers, and a strong glue is used to apply a single eyelash. Ideal for honeymoon trips that last several weeks. You can get these applications 2-3 days before the wedding. Always perform a patch test 48 hours before applying the glue to ensure that you will not react to the glue.

Want to get more knowledge and buy lashes from us? Contact now to have best price!


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Start your false lashes with in $99!

In this romantic society,everyone want become different with other people. False lashes become a good choice for young entrepreneur. It’s low cost for start and have bulk of opportunity. Because chaseing beauty is people’s natural, you can’t stop it. Catch the chance start affordable lashes business and become rich is the only thing you need to do!

What kind of false lashes should you start with?

False lashes are different with other industry. This is an industry you can catching-up other businessman with in short time. The market is very big customer are a lot but eyelash supplier for them are limited. Very not enough for market,because girls want to buy different and good mink eyelashes not trash. As our research, plenty of lash supplier start a good business at first. But later they found a bad eyelash factory because they want to make more profit. Then customers found best eyelashes are become different,finally they never become great again.

So now, you only need to find a good eyelash manufacturer like us. Then they will tell you what’s the hot selling fake eyelash model in your location. Every good eyelash factory will have a data center to show the market details they research. Like us, we have confidence to say in every big market what’s the hot selling and which are growing. You will not be trick by small eyelash wholsaler.

Contact us to get best selling wholsale eyelashes to try!


Why our lashes are different and better a lot than other’s?

Perfect handmade false eyelashes
Because all our luxury mink lashes are handmade. We do not use machines, which will seriously affect the naturalness and lifespan of eyelashes. Therefore, it will take more time and energy to produce luxurious mink eyelashes.
We wholeheartedly make mink eyelashes. The machine can’t do it.

Efficient express delivery.
We ship wholesale eyelashes via Express, which will take 2-4 working days. Safe and fast service.
If your order is less than 500 pairs, we can send eyelashes and color box within 24 hours, which is fast and efficient.

Eyelashes designed by our own designer
You will love our uniquely designed mink lashes, which are the best mink lashes on the market. In eyelash area, only very few company have power to design dramatic mink lashes. We are the only lash manufacture who design high-end luxury mink eyelashes. Also we can offer you custom service, to produce a lashes only you have!

Catch this chance from contact us!

Email: Email:

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Why Our False Eyelashes Are Hot Selling Lashes

We can easily sell our Hot Selling Lashes. And each of our workers can only produce around 10 pairs of luxury mink eyelashes a day, so we must produce luxury 3d mink eyelashes day and night.

Why Can We Easily Wholsale Hot Selling Lashes?

Perfect handmade false eyelashes
Because all our luxury mink lashes are handmade. We do not use machines, which will seriously affect the naturalness and lifespan of eyelashes. Therefore, it will take more time and energy to produce luxurious mink eyelashes.
We wholeheartedly make mink eyelashes. The machine can’t do it.

Efficient express delivery.
We ship wholesale eyelashes via Express, which will take 2-4 working days. Safe and fast service.
If your order is less than 500 pairs, we can send eyelashes and color box within 24 hours, which is fast and efficient.
Moreover, most of our hot selling wholesale lash supplier want to choose us as the first order,
Because our eyelashes are very good, the shipment is fast. As you know, in the Internet age, time is money.
You will receive the eyelashes and color box within 7 working days, if you choose other eyelashes and color box, they will not be able to do it.
Therefore, you will have sold out all 3d mink eyelashes and eyelash packaging, while competitors’ products are still on sale. Or not yet completed.

American Eyelash Suppliers Provide The Best Service Near Me

Therefore, you are searching for Lashes Supplier USA and we will be the first eyelash factory you should choos
If you want to complete the perfect order and purchase a large amount of mink eyelashes wholesale, we will help you make the right and best choice.
Believe me, you will like our handmade eyelashes, which are the best real mink eyelashes on the market, sharp and fluffy.
If you want to cooperate with us, please contact us
Whether you want to know eyelash knowledge or industry knowledge, please contact us!

Hot selling wholesale eyelashes near me
We provide cheap but reasonable wholesale bulk eyelashes prices. Because we are an eyelash factory, if you order in bulk from us, we can give you a good wholesale price.

Our luxury false eyelashes factory is located in China. Therefore, we can provide you with competitive wholesale and ex-factory prices.

Eyelashes designed by our own designer
You will love our uniquely designed mink eyelashes, which are the best mink lashes on the market.

Mink eyelashes production is handmade by our own professional workers
All our skilled workers are artists from our local town. They have more than 5 years of experience in making eyelashes!

The fourth reasonable wholesale price.
We provide our customers with competitive wholesale price of cheap eyelashes, and we will not get much profit from the lash business. We hope our partners can get more profits from the eyelash business.
So we will get more and more customers in the market, and this is what we want. More and more girls can buy real handmade 3D eyelashes in the market.
Therefore, if you want to place an order immediately, please contact us to get the most competitive wholesale lashes.

You only need to tell us which style of eyelashes and lash packaging boxes you prefer, and how many you want to order, and we will provide you with detailed information immediately.

Have purchase demand ? Feel free to contact us!


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Where To Find MInk Lashes Wholesale Vendors Near Me?

Berry MinkLashes is the best mink eyelash supplier in the United States. We supply high-end luxury mink eyelashes. Many eyelash distributors MInk Lashes Wholesale, long dramatic eyelashes and natural mink eyelashes from us. For these false eyelashes, our eyelash factory has competitive wholesale eyelash prices.

Why do most girls like to regard Berry MinkLashes’MInk Lashes Wholesale as their first choice of eyelash suppliers?

First of all, all luxury eyelashes are designed by our own famous designers.

Few eyelash factories can design unique luxury mink eyelashes. As we said, most lash factories can’t design eyelashes. They just copy our style and sell them to the market at a cheap wholesale price of mink fur. It’s not worth it.

They are substandard eyelashes. You can compare them with our best mink lashes. If you don’t know the difference, you can wear them and compare the eyelashes. And in the eyelash knowledge blog, we have told you how to distinguish between extravagant mink eyelashes and bad eyelashes.

Second, high-end luxury mink eyelashes.
All best eyelashes are made of high-grade mink fur. We select MInk Lashes Wholesale one by one. This is a huge and delicate project. All this work is to select fluffy, sharp, soft and vivid mink hair to make the best false eyelashes. This is the key factor. As you know, if you want to make high-end luxury mink eyelashes, the material is the first important thing.

The craftsmanship of our wholsale lash factory

We use physical methods instead of chemical liquids to shape eyelashes, which is unique in the market. Most eyelash manufacturers use chemicals to shape 3D effects, but we don’t do that. We shape all MInk Lashes Wholesale in a safe way for Make eyelashes healthy. Even people with allergies can easily wear it without risk!

We also provide first-class service, our customers come from all over the world.
This is not only because our luxurious eyelashes are the best lashes in the international market, but we also provide our customers with the best service. This is also the third important factor for our old customers.

If you want to build your own eyelash brand, our Data team, Service team and design team will help you formulate the most professional marketing strategy.

Contact us. You will become the best and professional mink eyelash seller in the local market.


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How to remove lash glue and lash adhesive from best eyelashes?

Are you removing false lashes eyelashes at night? Are you looking for a quality eyelash best eyelashes that can be worn multiple times? Are you looking for mink eyelashes that can be worn repeatedly without quality problems? All of our eyelashes can be worn more than 25 times!

Synthetic fiber eyelashes or natural mink eyelashes?

Before starting to clean and remove, it is very important to understand how to deal with different types of band eyelashes. Natural eyelashes made of natural mink hair and horse hair require more delicate care than other eyelashes. Mink eyelashes and other animail lashes are better quality than synthetic fiber eyelashes. Do not soak or immerse it in water for cleaning. This can destroy curls or damage the fibers in the wholsale eyelashes.

You need to keep all falsies lashes delicate, but it is normal that synthetic fibers are weaker than natural eyelashes. Whether you are using our best eyelashes from our company or synthetic eyelashes from other brands, you need to clean them in the same way.

Best way to remove best eyelashes

Step #1: Remove makeup
Why start here? Some makeup artists will tell you to remove your faux lashes first and then clean them. The best way is to use eyebrow shampoo and eyelash brush, which can be gently cleaned between each of your mink lashes 3D. It will remove all your eyebrows and eye makeup first, and then your custom lashes. When you take them off, they will not all be covered by fur!

Step #2: Remove your eyelashes
After removing makeup, dip the cotton swab into an oil-free makeup remover. Do not use any oil-based cleaning products. If you want to reuse best natural false eyelashes, when there is oil on the strap, the eyelash glue will not stick to the eyelashes again.

Place the cotton swab along the eyelash band and let it penetrate a little. The glue will begin to dissolve and you can use a cotton swab to gently separate the best mink eyelashes from the eyelash line. Be patient. Don’t try to pull them. Some glues may stick to your real eyelashes, and some of them may fall off with your best false eyelashes.

Step #3: Remove the glue from the eyelids
You can use a bit more eye makeup remover, or even some coconut oil, olive oil or sweet almond oil, to remove all residual glue on the eyelids. Take it easy. It hurts just to pull the glue off the eyelids!

Step #4: Remove the glue from the eyelashes
After the beautiful eyelashes fall off, please use tweezers to gently pull out all the remaining glue on the wholsale lashes. You don’t want to accumulate any residual glue on the band.

Step #5: Rinse the false eyelashes
You are almost done! Now that the glue has been removed, you need to make sure that there is no residue on the eyelash wholesale to make them completely clean. Apply a small amount of oil-free detergent on the new cotton swab. Place the nice eyelashes on a clean cotton pad and wipe from the strap to the tip of the wholesale false eyelashes. Do this several times until the swab is clean. Even if the lash bands are very wet, do not squeeze them.

Step 6: Dry the eyelashes
Put clean eyelashes on a paper towel to dry. When they are completely dry, put them back in the custom eyelash storage box where they were placed. Correctly cleaning and removing false eyelashes every time you use it will prolong wear time (and increase investment)! This also ensures that no bacteria accumulate on the best mink eyelashes, making you vulnerable to irritation or potential eye infections.

Contacts Information:


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Why Wholesale Lashes Can Help Your Beauty Salon Become Better?

Recently, many friends have come to ask me why my beauty salon business has become better with falsies lashes. Obviously, I didn’t sell false eyelashes and wholesale lashes before. And their shop also has conflicting lash extensions service. So what caused the chemical reaction between two products that seemed to be in conflict?

Not everyone want to do lash extension, not everyone want wholesale lashes

People are often trapped by the things they care about. In fact, not everyone thinks the same as ours. Some people go to beauty shops for skin care, while others go for treatment. Different products correspond to different groups of people, and a large number of people do not want to use lash extensions to maintain a long-term dramatic eyelashes extensions style. They want to change their makeup according to different occasions. The best faux mink lashes are best matched. At this time, lash extensions is no longer a good choice. Mink lashes 3D can help your customers cope with different occasions and change styles at will.

Imagine that the guests talk about their own parties when they do beauty treatments. I need gorgeous makeup, but I don’t want to make lash extensions alone. Because you usually need to be more formal, then you can take out our best natural false eyelashes A and DB series. The contrast is very strong, one is 25mm double mink fur, specially prepared for parties and festivals. The other is 13mm which is specially prepared for daily wear. I believe your customers will like your suggestions very much!

Why Choose Our False Lashes and Mink Lashes?

Products are just part of us as the best lash supplier in the world. We are a lashes manufacturer with more than ten years of production and design experience. We can provide you with hundreds of different best eyelash and hot selling lash styles, and each style is a different customer group.

We can also use our database to help you figure out which best mink lashes style is the most favorite for customers in your area! And we can also provide you with customized services. When you meet some VIP customers who want unique and delicate eyelashes of their own, we will customize them according to her situation and face!

Contact us, to get best selling eyelash product and service plan. Growing your business!


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Can You Reuse False Eyelashes?

You may have just bought your first pair of false eyelashes (or you are considering buying one), and now you are thinking: “Can I reuse these fake eyelashes?” “Good question. The answer first depends on the type of false lashes you buy.

Eyelash extension

If you just go to the salon for eyelash extensions, the eyelashes cannot be reused. Whether you have individual eyelashes, flares or clusters, they cannot be saved and reused. They will eventually fall off with the natural eyelashes, which you may not realize at the time.

Reuse False Eyelashes Individual Lashes, one set or use at home

You can also buy individual mink lashes 3D, glitter or clusters for use at home. Just like eyelash extensions, the affordable lashes you use at home may fall off while you wear them-which makes them difficult to store and reuse. In theory, you can reuse clusters or flares. But in fact, it depends on the type of eyelashes black glue you use and the quality false eyelashes. If star clusters or flares do not fall off on their own, they can be reused, and you have to keep them clean. If they are not expensive, the eyelash manufacturer may only plan to use them once or twice.

Wear eyelashes
When it comes to undressing mink eyelashes, there are a few things to consider before you buy-comfort and quality. The comfortable part is simple: if your beautiful eyelashes are too hard, too heavy, uncomfortable, or cause any skin reactions, you may not want to wear them anymore.

Which False Eyelashes are Long Lasting Reuse False Eyelashes?

Do you like the look of artificial eyelashes? It’s worth your extra money to buy a set of clothes that can be worn over and over again. The best natural false eyelashes are light, comfortable and long lasting…when you wear them, you look like a bomb.

Berry MinkLash best magnetic eyelashes come in a variety of styles to suit your eye shape and the effect you want to achieve. They are handmade with thin and light materials and are designed to be very comfortable. Most importantly, our best mink lashes are made of superior quality, allowing you to reuse them many times. They have a heavier load on the mink false lashes than most traditional band eyelashes. What does this mean? Luxurious volume.

If you wear contact lenses or have allergies, you don’t need to worry about Berry MinkLashes causing allergic reactions. Our wholesale lashes are free of parabens and urea. No animals were used in the experiment, so they are not cruel.

False eyelash glue
When you use Berry MinkLash false eyelashes, also try to use best drugstore lash glue. It is transparent, oil-free and latex-free. It is completely safe for your mink eyelashes and eyelids.

Eye makeup that will not damage your false eyelashes
The entire product line of Berry MinkLash is oil-free. Eyelash primer sealant, mascara, and eyeliner are all safe to use with any style of eyelash enhancement you choose. At the end of the night, when you want to wash your face, your mascara must also be oil-free.

To get best mink eyelashes false lashes. Directly contact us, hundreds of lashes design with best quality.


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The Easiest Way To Find Best False Eyelashes

There are thousands of eyelash suppliers around the world. Maybe you have bought some mink lashes from another eyelash supplier, unlike us who are eyelash manufacturer. So how do you know if they have enough quality, such as Best False Eyelashes to sell to your customers?

See The Details of Your Best False Eyelashes

The shape of good wholesale eyelashes is designed by our professional designers all over the world.
According to the structure of the flower, according to the human eye and face shape, the shape of the false eyelashes is more beautiful.
So it is easy to copy the shape of the mink eyelashes, but they can not copy the soul of our best mink eyelashes.
Different styles of faux eyelashes have different structures, so if you want to order different styles of mink lashes, you must first choose a different structure.

The Mink Fur of Your Eyelashes

There are no sharp hairs on your low-quality cheap eyelashes. If it is made with inferior raw materials, these raw materials are very cheap and have not been selected.
In addition, the work of workers is not a skilled job.
As the workers were not familiar with the operation, the hair was damaged during the process of placing the hair, so they continued to use it.

The lower false mink lashes have not yet passed the market quality inspection.
But for our quality mink eyelashes, we have a lot of testing progress to ensure that every pair of falsies lashes is the best mink eyelashes on the market.
And our top eyelash materials are selected one by one by our staff.
The tip of the hair is very pointed, long, strong, light and perfect.
We must pass strict quality inspections.

Find A Good Best False Eyelashes Suppier

Now we already know how do distinguish good or bad mink eyelashes. But there has a way to easy help you find best false eyelashes, it’s find a good eyelashes manufacture like us. Berry MinkLashes as the best eyelash factory in the world offer all kind of lashes best false eyelashes . You don’t need to pay attention on choose quality eyelashes. Pay attention on your customer and market. Then, use our best eyelashes to open your lash business!


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Why Does Eyeryone Want Mink Lashes Bulk?

Best Eyelashes Mink Lashes Bulk

Mink lashes bulk are the favorite of beautiful eyelashes buyers, why? Because it’s affordable lashes and hot selling design for lash business.
Not only that, they are of good quality.
In other words, it is always more profitable to buy our falsies lashes from a eyelash wholesaler.
Compared with other eyelash manufacturers, we will also provide the following supporting facilities to help you develop your eyelash business smoothly.

How About Mink Lashes Bulk USA?

There are cheap eyelash suppliers all over the world, including many companies and lash manufacturers in the United States. Cheap eyelashes in the United States are also very attractive, but the prices they offer are usually very high.

After market research, most of the mink lashes bulk in the U.S. market are priced at US$20-30, but lash suppliers in the Chinese domestic market can offer unexpected prices. For best mink lashes purchased in China, we can give you a surprise price. At the same time, we are the best eyelash manufacturer in China. Can provide you with the best quality eyelashes in the world!

Our Best Selling Mink Eyelashes Mink Lashes Bulk

Enjoy the best eyelashes in the world, starting at only $5 per pair of best eyelashes. This price is very attractive, and the best quality in the world can help you quickly open the market! For more price details, please contact us.


Oh, don’t forget the important point, our products are also cruelty-free. If you want to make compassionate choices in your daily life, live a cruelty-free lifestyle, or you are a vegetarian, then don’t miss us. We can provide you with high-quality non-killing false eyelashes without affecting their appearance and performance.

We will also teach you how to easily distinguish between fake mink eyelashes and real mink eyelashes.

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