Why we launch Mixed Mink Eyelash?

Welcome to see Sample Pack here! With the growth of the global false mink lashes market, more and more people are taking up the business. Berry MinkLashes is one of the best eyelash suppliers in the world. Helping customers to open the door to business success is our profession.
Now we rely on years of customer feedback and market big data. For the increasingly hot falsies lashes market to prepare a variety of different sample pack solutions for beginners and professionals!

Now choose your favourite and start your lashes beauty journey! All model in the series can be choose!

Sample Pack Time!

Best Selling! 25mm Sample Pack

3D mink lashes 25mm is one of our most popular styles. Beauties can better highlight their unique personality and charm when wearing 25mm lashes. Wear 25mm lashes, you will be the brightest star in the crowd. Best choice for start-ups!

10 Pairs 25mm Series! Free tweezer giveaway!
(Different model choose available)

Most Popular! 20mm DM Sample Pack

If we say 3d mink lashes 25mm show personality of open, brave, 16-18mm will show elegant, Then 20mm lashes show noble, intellectual.
20mm mink eyelashes are very suitable for people with deep eyes! Best choice for all market!

15 Pairs of DM Series! Free tweezer and glue giveaway!
(Different model choose available)

2021 Hottest Topic! Environmental Vegan Pack

In recent years, environmental protection is the hottest topic. With the harsh world environment and the influence of coronavirus, people become more and more alert and pay attention to environmental protection issues. Berry MinkLashes is the world’s leading eyelash suppliers with the first eco-friendly collection vegan false lashes. The products from faux lashes to eyelash stalks, even eyelash cartridges and eyelash carriers are all environmentally degradable materials.
As the world’s most outstanding eyelash supplier, Berry MinkLashes is willing to contribute to the world!

vegan mink eyelash

20 Paris of DW Series! Free tweezer and glue giveaway!
(Different model choose available)

Environmental Sample Pack! Free Logo Design!
(50 boxes free LOGO printing!)

Daily Pack! Lashes Book for Artist
(Different model choose available)

Mink Eyelash Entrepreneurship

I’m sure many of my friends have encountered many of these problems when starting their own businesses. Some are due to financial problems. Some are due to domain problems.

Some are due to a number of issues, such as a lack of in-depth knowledge of the industry at the time of starting a business. But with the development of society and the coming of the Internet age. Information is becoming more transparent and there are more investors in all sectors. The expansion of the faux eyelash market makes more and more people start to engage in eyelash store business.

But most people know very little about how to choose a business and how to do it.

Mink Eyelash Entrepreneur Reasons For Failure Of Entrepreneurship

When choosing false mink lashes products, we consider the market more from our own perspective, but now it is a society where the market dominates the economy, judging the market only by personal preferences is one of the reasons why most people fail in the early stage of carrying out eyelash store business.
Only through our years of experience, most of the starters are not very optimistic about the feedback they get when they return to the local market after choosing their own products without our suggestions.

However, if you are an Internet celebrity who can guide people’s appreciation and consumption, we are very happy that you have become a successful entrepreneur, then we will be your most loyal partner.
But some clients are students, civil servants or people who have never been engaged in business. In order to avoid wasting their time, energy and unnecessary money when selecting products, as a result, their business was hindered and they lost confidence.

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