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Berry MinkLashes are not only the eyelash wholesaler, but also the eyelash factory leaders of matching tools, such as lash glue, tweezers, auxiliary tools, etc.

Lashes glue is a tool that we must use in the process of wearing false mink lashes. The quality of lashes glue also directly determines whether we are comfortable to wear faux lashes. And the lash glue of good quality will not cause any discomfort on the user’s skin or other aspects when it is used.

After thousands of experiments, we finally decided the type of lash glue according to different material properties and adaptability. Like our falsies lash, we can say with confidence that this is the best eyelash glue in the world!

Characteristic of Our Lash Glue

The technology of our glue has gradually matured after we have improved the formula for many times. The current glue has the characteristics of natural, traceless and invisible quick drying.

Moreover, the texture after daubing is like moisturizing cream and white cream. After daubing and drying, it is transparent without color, and naturally invisible without trace. And our glue can be fixed for a long time after being applied to mink eyelashes.

Because our glue is added with a lasting formula, which will not fall off and can maintain the lasting makeup effect for a whole day. When removing our glue, it is also very simple and convenient, easy to unload, and does not hurt the eye muscles. The method is to soak the cotton pad with warm water, cover it and stay for a few seconds, then it will be removed with a slight wipe.

Mink eyelash glue is a product that we launch with the requirements of our customers. Customers recognize our mink eyelashes, and they are not willing to waste more time and energy to find glue. Therefore, we have developed this eyelash glue based on the principle of everything for our customers.

Please be assured that our glue has been tested many times, the ingredients are green and healthy, no odor, high bonding strength, durable, and consumers are at ease to use. Over the past decades, there has never been discomfort from users.

Eyelash Tweezer

Eyelash tweezers are crucial to the whole thing. It is convenient and comfortable to help you wear mink eyelashes. But the most important thing is quality and safety. Because it touches one of the weakest parts of the body, the eye.
From the material point of view, the whip tweezers must use safe, pollut-free and odor-free environmentally friendly materials.

Berry Minklashes tweezers are the same material as faux lashes and lash glue. Through layers of experiments and certification, we finally selected.

Eyelash Curle

Most eyelash curlers cannot solve the problem that the corner position cannot curl again. Berry Minklashes successfully solved this problem through many experiments.

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