The Beautiful History of Falsies Lashes

Cosmetics and Falsies Lashes are strange industry-not only because it is evolving into the most common company ever (I mean, everyone has a face), but also because of its ability to promote innovation. The tools we use in daily beauty are constantly changing.

falsies lashes Eyelashes model show
falsies lashes model show

One of the inventions falsies lashes completely changed our perception of false mink lashes and cosmetics. And it is the only product that can add a micro-prosthesis to our face instead of just enhancing our natural face (like a typical mascara stick or eyeliner). Due to my obsession with the history of makeup, I want to understand the origin of false lashes, why and where they are used and how it evolved-so let’s go back to makeup time, okay?

Please Give Me Some Human Lashes

When I first studied this topic from a historical perspective, I found that faux lashes can be traced back to France at the turn of the century, when wig manufacturers were very serious about sewing human hair onto the eyelids of Parisians (yes ,joke).

Although it is not surprising that this practice has not become popular, it is interesting that this kind of fringed beautiful eyelashes is popular because they make the eyes look bigger and brighter. However, according to the “New York Times” until 1911, the first artificial eyelash patent-Anna Taylor, a Canadian woman created the original strip eyelashes, small hair is attached to a piece of cloth and put on eyeliner. This not only makes the application seamless, but it sounds like it beats the painful needle and thread method.


Purple Mermaid Scales magnetic Cardboard Rectangular Eyelash Packaging box

eyelash packing design

Blue Quicksand magnetic Rectangular Eyelash case

Put Falsies Lashes On The Screen

But it wasn’t until 1916 that this trend really started. According to Racked, the American filmmaker D.W. Griffith believed that in the 1916 melodrama “Intolerance”, the heroine’s mink false lashes were not enough.

In order to make Hina Owen’s eyes more attractive, Griffith asked his wig to stick a few strands of hair onto her eyeliner with chewing gum. Needless to say, the audience on the silver screen liked her new look-but research showed that during the shooting, Irving’s eyes were almost swollen. Our filmmaker friend should call Ms. Taylor and ask her advice, but I think this is a breakthrough.

The Fake Eyelashes Appear In Fashion Iiterally

“Cosmetics and Skin” recognizes that hair stylist Charles Nesler is a major player in the artificial eyelash manufacturers industry.
Supermodel Twiggy was photographed by Michèle Rosier in a bright printed dress, and Max Factor cosmetics outlined her big eyes.
With the evolution of cosmetics, false eyelashes are also evolving. The material becomes synthetic, the glue becomes less dangerous, and it is much easier to use and remove. But it is indeed the promotion of magazines that brought faux eyelashes into the spotlight.

Regarding falsies lashes, there is actually more to talk about. But what I want to say is actually very simple. False lashes have slowly changed our pursuit of beauty and the way we look at things.

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