What Questions Should I Ask For False Eyelash Vendor?

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Here are our sincere suggestions about how to get successfully with the False Eyelash Vendor and what helpful questions to ask. Today Berry MinkLashes will help you step by step on  What Questions Should I Ask For False Eyelash Vendor?

Ask For Full Name And Location Of Your False Eyelash Vendor

False Eyelash Vendor
We are False Eyelash Vendor

This is very important. Most faux eyelash producing areas are in developing countries. The top mink lashes supplier must be based in Qingdao, China, where false lashes originated and originated, and where thousands of beautiful eyelashes are sold. They use advanced technology to produce high quality and cheap eyelashes.

Southeast Asian eyelash suppliers are machine made eyelashes, so the price is relatively lower, but the quality and style are not as good as those made in China. Chinese False mink lashes can be used more than 25 times, and cheap lashes cannot be reused after washing, so they cost more per use than mink.

Ask Do Your Eyelash Supplier Possesses Any Core Technologies

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Professional eyelash suppliers will follow the production process, but the majority of people in the market are beautiful eyelash sellers. This process determines the quality of the faux lashes. If you want to learn more about the production process in the market, please add our WhatsApp and you will get professional training!

How Many Pairs Of False Eyelashes Can Their Workers Produce Per Day?

False Eyelash Vendor
Professional False Eyelash Vendor

If the eyelashes supplier cannot answer professional questions well, it must be the wholesale false eyelash supplier, not the eyelash factory. If the answer is 50 to 100 pairs a day, then their lashes must not be entirely handmade, as skilled technicians can only produce 5-15 pairs of mink eyelashes a day. More and more people choose us as their eyelash supplier because our process is more rigorous, the technology is more advanced and the cost is higher.

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