Which Eyelash Pack Eyelash Packaging Box is Better?

With the expansion of eyelash business, there are more and more Eyelash Pack Eyelash Packaging Box on the market. So in many eyelash boxes. Which one is best for you and your lash business? Let us find out now!

A wide variety of Eyelash Pack Eyelash Packaging Box

We have too many eyelash pack eyelash box styles to choose from here. Let us first understand how many types there are

Custom Colorful Holographic Square Paper Eyelash Box

New design Vegan design eyelash packing boxes Eyelash Pack Eyelash Packaging Box

This eyelash pack is a very unique style. We called it Holographic packing style. The material is holographic paper, you can see the shining and different lights in different direction. Feeling extraordinary, add your custom brand LOGO or personal hobby. Just enjoy it!

Best Selling Magic Color Gold Hot Stamping Octagonal Flip Top Paper Lashes Box

eyelash packing box!
round packing box. Eyelash Pack Eyelash Packaging Box
round lash packing box

This kind of eyelash packing cases are our one of best selling styles. It have unique design with custom LOGO. Tnes of styles are available. The low price with quality box are best advantages!

Plain Quality Paper Square Flip Eyelash Cases

Square Flip Lashes Boxes is a traditional eyelash packaging. We use it from the first time we sell Mink Eyelashes, and thousands of customers love it!

We still have hundreds of different eyelash packaging boxes for you. If you want know more just directly contact me! Or you can waiting for next update blog 🙂

Which Eyelashes Pack Box Are Suit You?

Different custom eyelash boxes correspond to different needs. Simply put, the most convenient thing for your current life is the most suitable for you!

It’s like our makeup artist client. They need to carry dozens of false eyelashes at the same time and make it easy to watch. In this way, they can quickly match the mink eyelash styles that their clients need most for their makeup. In this case, the eyelash book is the most suitable for them!
And some girls who are in small parties or go out often. The most suitable for them is the Unique Colorful Round Box! It is very convenient to carry and it is smaller than the palm of your hand.

how do you feel? You only need to think about scenarios where you often use false eyelashes. Then bring your own eyelash box to know which one is best for you!
If you still feel confused, you can also contact us directly! For consultation or eyelash wholesaler purchase, you can contact the contact information below!

Email: rosen@beauty-imexport.com

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