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Looking back, looking forward to the future. Based on sales and market feedback, Berry Minklashes has predicted which styles will be the hottest in 2021! Here we will bring our Best Selling Lashes to you!

Classic Best Selling Lashes 3D Styles

Start mink eyelash business prodcut show.Best Selling Lashes

We have been making high-quality mink eyelashes, leading the trend of 3D mink eyelashes20mm mink eyelashes and 25mm mink eyelashes. Our design team and skilled workers always keep our eyelashes of the latest design, high quality. Our mink lashes can be reused 30-35 times.

Our Eyelashes Compare with Others

BerryMinklashes is a mink eyelash supplier that has been engaged in the design and production of mink eyelashes wholesale and eyelash packaging wholesale for over 12 years. Therefore, the factory workers are skilled and experienced. BerryMinklashes is a well-known eyelash supplier. And we will continue to design, continue to innovate, so that customers around the world to start the 3D mink eyelash line.

Why Our Mink Eyelashes Are The Most Popular

1. We are committed to making eyelashes that are closest to the human body, creating “becoming the real eyelashes in your life” to ensure that our products will not have any problems in the process of wearing and using, and to ensure that the wearing effect is natural.

2. We are the real mink eyelash supplier. All designs provided are custom made. Our mink eyelashes are certified by SGS and have multiple copyright certificates to ensure the originality of the eyelashes design. We have hundreds of models of our own design, and many of the ones you see on the market are our designs and they copy.

3. Our eyelashes are very soft and will not feel stiff after wearing. After many experiments, we decided to use mink hair. When chemical fibber eyelashes were popular in the market, Oscar, our designer, had seen the disadvantages of this material. After continuous experiments, we found that mink hair was the most suitable material.Compared with synthetic eyelashes and protein fibre eyelashes, this material is more natural and gentle to cut.

Choose Berry MinkLashes, we will bring best product and best price to you!



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