How to remove lash glue and lash adhesive from best eyelashes?

Are you removing false lashes eyelashes at night? Are you looking for a quality eyelash best eyelashes that can be worn multiple times? Are you looking for mink eyelashes that can be worn repeatedly without quality problems? All of our eyelashes can be worn more than 25 times!

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Synthetic fiber eyelashes or natural mink eyelashes?

Before starting to clean and remove, it is very important to understand how to deal with different types of band eyelashes. Natural eyelashes made of natural mink hair and horse hair require more delicate care than other eyelashes. Mink eyelashes and other animail lashes are better quality than synthetic fiber eyelashes. Do not soak or immerse it in water for cleaning. This can destroy curls or damage the fibers in the wholsale eyelashes.

You need to keep all falsies lashes delicate, but it is normal that synthetic fibers are weaker than natural eyelashes. Whether you are using our best eyelashes from our company or synthetic eyelashes from other brands, you need to clean them in the same way.

Best way to remove best eyelashes

Step #1: Remove makeup
Why start here? Some makeup artists will tell you to remove your faux lashes first and then clean them. The best way is to use eyebrow shampoo and eyelash brush, which can be gently cleaned between each of your mink lashes 3D. It will remove all your eyebrows and eye makeup first, and then your custom lashes. When you take them off, they will not all be covered by fur!

Step #2: Remove your eyelashes
After removing makeup, dip the cotton swab into an oil-free makeup remover. Do not use any oil-based cleaning products. If you want to reuse best natural false eyelashes, when there is oil on the strap, the eyelash glue will not stick to the eyelashes again.

get-the-best-mink-eyelashes best eyelashes

Place the cotton swab along the eyelash band and let it penetrate a little. The glue will begin to dissolve and you can use a cotton swab to gently separate the best mink eyelashes from the eyelash line. Be patient. Don’t try to pull them. Some glues may stick to your real eyelashes, and some of them may fall off with your best false eyelashes.

Step #3: Remove the glue from the eyelids
You can use a bit more eye makeup remover, or even some coconut oil, olive oil or sweet almond oil, to remove all residual glue on the eyelids. Take it easy. It hurts just to pull the glue off the eyelids!

Step #4: Remove the glue from the eyelashes
After the beautiful eyelashes fall off, please use tweezers to gently pull out all the remaining glue on the wholsale lashes. You don’t want to accumulate any residual glue on the band.

Step #5: Rinse the false eyelashes
You are almost done! Now that the glue has been removed, you need to make sure that there is no residue on the eyelash wholesale to make them completely clean. Apply a small amount of oil-free detergent on the new cotton swab. Place the nice eyelashes on a clean cotton pad and wipe from the strap to the tip of the wholesale false eyelashes. Do this several times until the swab is clean. Even if the lash bands are very wet, do not squeeze them.

Comperhensive packing box for best eyelashes

Step 6: Dry the eyelashes
Put clean eyelashes on a paper towel to dry. When they are completely dry, put them back in the custom eyelash storage box where they were placed. Correctly cleaning and removing false eyelashes every time you use it will prolong wear time (and increase investment)! This also ensures that no bacteria accumulate on the best mink eyelashes, making you vulnerable to irritation or potential eye infections.

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