Berry MinkLashes has been successfully developed for a long time. It has its own unique business model and operation method. In today’s situation where the market is becoming more and more transparent, better development has been achieved. And service is one of the keys to our success.

Our service is not only in communication with customers, but also in places where many other suppliers cannot. Fast customized service and professionalism. Rely on delivery and design time several times faster than other suppliers and professional supply chain integration. We have achieved services that are difficult for other suppliers. Today, we can do what other suppliers do faster, better, and more professionally. What they can’t do? We can do!

Custom Service for All You Need

Peerless Service – 3D Mink Eyelash Custom

3D Mink Eyelash design service

I meet a lot of lash companys who have a certain base of development and have a unique view of the market. What many of them care about most is that people now demand more and more uniqueness. A few popular mink eyelashes can hardly meet all people’s needs. Can I customize according to the most urgent ones is the most asked.
So we started to offer a service that no one else in the world has. Low MOQ eyelash customization service!

Automated customization:
If you are a eyelash distributor. Berry MinkLashes, as the most professional eyelash supplier, has big market data and feedback from many customers. We can customize the most suitable faux eyelash style for you according to your situation, geographical market and customer groups.

If you are an individual, we have hundreds of mink eyelashes designed according to the characteristics of different groups and people. And have experience customized for celebrities! You just need to give us your picture and some basic data. We will customize it according to your face shape, dressing style, living environment, and occasions you often attend!

Length customization:
Just tell us the length you need and the style you want to match!

Color customization:
The basic model is black, and it supports customization of various colors.


Peerless Service – Eyelash Packing Box Custom

The service of Mink Eyelash packing box custom has always been one of our most popular services. We also provide pattern customization and style customization services on the basis of having many packaging box styles. Perfectly meet customer groups with different needs and different markets. Is your best choice!

Here are some styles of eyelash boxes.

Interested and wanna learn more? Click here to know more about Custom Eyelash Packing Box.

Peerless Service – LOGO and Brand Custom

LOGO customization and brand design services are provided by us for start-ups and small dealers. A good brand image is the key to long-term success. The LOGO is people’s first impression of this brand.


Most Reliable Supplier for You

“The fastest response speed helps you solve the problems you encounter, and the fastest delivery speed helps you open the local market.” A “fast” word is the purpose of our company.
Fast, can help you open the market faster; fast, can solve the problems you encounter in the shortest time; fast, can save you more time and energy to start more important things.

Today, with the rapid development of science and technology, the world has already changed its former appearance. It can satisfy all daily needs without leaving home, and time has become especially valuable. We are a good assistant to save your time in the lashes wholesale business, a concise link, fast delivery, perfect service, let you open your lashes wholesale business for barrier-free.
If you are an efficient eyelash supplier because the supply chain is out of stock, long queue time, or on behalf of the company, then we are definitely your right choice, more than 200 professional eyelash production workers, more than 10 years of work experience guaranteed the quality of the eyelashes.

The monthly output of about 500,000 pairs of faux eyelash guarantees the number, the distance from the customs port is less than 5 kilometers to ensure our delivery speed, 24 hours of uninterrupted service, including Saturdays and Sundays, can guarantee your problem It will be solved in the first time.

Helping you to open the beautiful eyelash market faster and more quickly, and earn the first bucket of eyelash business. We are also very happy to see you continue to grow and develop in our cooperation process. We will also spare no effort to help you grow faster.

If you want to be able to open the market with the fastest time to receive the eyelashes, the first time to fill the market emptiness, we are definitely your first choice, please don’t hesitate, you can use the following ways with us Contact, time is money, contact us today.

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