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Welcome to this about 3D Mink Lashes wholesale webpage. If you need 3D mink eyelashes and wholesale mink eyelashes, we will be the right choice for you. We have 10 years of eyelash production and export experience, so as a eyelash manufacturers we can provide high quality and competitive price for you.

Our company is the top eyelash factory,  we specializing in mink eyelashes, As we know the focus is more professional.

Time is valuable in the times. To save customers’ time. We can provide you a stable supply chain, such as Luxury magnetic cases. Eyelash glue, Eyelash accessories. and so on. choosing me is your best decision.

Through continuous improvement the beautiful eyelashes become better and better gradually through continuous improvement, so how does it do it? How is mink eyelash produced?

Let’s explore the legend behind the mink eyelash.

3D Mink Lashes HOT SELLING Design

We will only provide some of models here. Contact me directly for more hot selling styles and models!

DQ Series

3D Series

What Is Special Feature of Our 3D Mink Lashes?

1. The lash band is thin and clean without overflowed eyelash glue, It feels soft and comfortable. Only two spot glue on lash band to put on the tray, It is easy to take off from the tray.

2. There are extra lash band on the both ends, You can fix the extra band to take it off to avoid breaking the mink eyelash.

3. The mink eyelash look fluffy, Every hair is put on the design carefully.

4. We stick to pure hand made, The our eyelashes show inspiration. wisdom of our workers. No one can copy it.

Berry MinkLashes, The Best Service For You 

falsies lashes are the love of every beauty-loving lady, and falsies lashes will also become your magic weapon to develop eyelashes shop. She will perfectly blend with your beautiful eyelashes and show the natural beauty that belongs to you in one by one of your eyes.

If you become our eyelashes wholesale we can offer a competitive price to you, and our ERP system can recommend the best selling products according to your local market, We can also design a product for you according to your market, so I think no reason to refuse.

Contact me quickly to buy mink lashes, dear customers and friends, our styles will be constantly updated, and there will be more surprises when saving my page!

If you are interested in falsies lashes, you can contact us through the following contact information.

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Payment can be made by Paypal admin@qdcannes.com 

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