28mm Mink Lashes-DX Series

Welcome to the 28mm Mink Lashes page. Here BerryMinklashes 3D mink eyelash supplier has the latest festival & party designs for all!

The new design allows you to shine on any occasion. Whether it’s live, whether it’s modelling, whether it’s at parties, whether it’s at festivals. You can enjoy the show their own unique charm!

28mm Mink Lashes shows

Why Are 28mm Mink Lashes Launched?

Now people have higher and higher requirements for beauty eyelash, and the definition of beauty is more and more extensive.

IN the past, wearing special clothes was called strange clothes, but now wearing special clothes is called personalized dress. People no longer have an abnormal vision of beauty, but no matter what kind of objects you wear, you can highlight your characteristics. This is what suits you. In today’s society, becoming an internet celebrity and a star is no longer as unreachable as before.

In the era of information explosion, it has gradually entered the side of every ordinary person. Everyone can become a star and an Internet celebrity by showing their unique shining points. And at some important moments such as balls, festivals, weddings and so on, these special items will make you different and become the most eye-catching shining star.

Therefore, according to the needs of many customers and market research, we launched the most distinctive 28mm false eyelashes.

Why Choose Us As The Supplier Of 28mm Mink Lashes

Why do so many eyelash suppliers around the world choose us?

Shortest delivery time

Time is money. To enter the market with the shortest time is to gain opportunities for oneself. People still have preconceived ideas, who can show this product in people’s eyes with the fastest speed, then even if there are products of the same type to impact the market later, everyone will compare with the first product.

We have our own eyelash factory and a certain amount of stock, which can ensure that the products will be delivered to you in the shortest time and help you win the first chance.

Professional Services

We have more than 10 years of experience in producing and exporting mink eyelashes. During these 10 years, we have been developing and progressing continuously, overcoming one problem after another, there are material choices, technical updates, etc.
After years of growth, we are fully capable of helping our customers solve problems in terms of products, and we are also willing to grow with our customers, provide our experience to help our customers on the road of starting a business.

Contact Details:

Email: rosen@beauty-imexport.com

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