Amazing! Bring you Beautiful 20mm Mink Lashes Hot Sale Design!

The most popular style in the best-selling series!

Why We Launched 20mm Mink Lashes

Welcome to 20mm lashes! 20mm lashes is a little longer than 16-18mm, These styles are created for the deep eyes especially.

If we say 3d mink lashes 25mm show personality of open, brave, 16-18mm will show elegant, Then 20mm lashesshow noble, intellectual.
20mm mink eyelashes are very suitable for people with deep eyes, or some people who think 25mm is too long, but 16-18mm is a little shorter, Or say 20mm 3d Mink Eyelashes show another kind of taste.

After wearing 20mm mink eyelashes which makes them more shiny, stunning!

3D Mink Lashes Wholesale 20mm Mink Lashes Design!

Berry MinkLashes, bring you to beautiful!
20mm lashes is one of our best selling series. As we mentioned before it’s in the middle of 16mm to 25mm can meet more situation and fit more people! More help you sharing in the daily life! Here are some design of them, we still have more styles. You can directly contact me to get more details!


DM Model Show!

After seeing so many beautiful eyelashes styles, do you really want to see the actual effect? Below are some of our most popular models wearing effects!

How To Choose The Best 20mm Mink Lashes Factory?

I believe many friends are facing this headache problem: I want to start my eyelash business like eyelash wholesale distributor, but so many eyelash manufacturers.

Mink Eyelashes model show

Don’t worry, we know that in these times. People no longer have trouble finding eyelash factory, Rather than so many eyelash factory, How to choose them?

Yes, Mink Lashes Factory is essential to start your business, They like your heart, Only the heart is strong, Is it able to pump blood to your body. That is to say, Only the eyelash factory is reliable and qualified, Are your business is healthy and prosperous. You can do business bigger and bigger , And your market is not shrinking because of the poor ability of the factory.

I give you some suggestions to help you how to choose reliable Mink Eyelashes Factory. Hope it is helpful:

1. Through communication, or other way you learn from them such as website. You will have the same idea about business.

2. Many suppliers say they are good eyelash manufacturer, Are they able to control the quality? Is the factory has the ability to make every employee with high-quality consciousness? In this cases most of them can not they just say yes but they can’t prove it.

3. The eyelash factory and company should have a good culture, team culture, win-win culture, perfect with products culture, keeping creating culture and good service culture. So they can truly make the wonderful mink false lashes, not only want to making money.

If they can do the above, you never worry about the price, the delivery due, the problems you will meet during cooperation.

Berry MinkLashes, The Best 20mm lash supplier The reliable Lash supplier Wholesale.


Our Eyelash Factory is established in 2011,We Always keep producing and exporting eyelashes for more than 10 years. In the eyelash industry, we are proud that we the most professional, the most dedicated. The achievement is not got without everyone’s effort.

We cherish every Mink False Lashes by pure handmade Like the bird cherish their feather, We cherish every customer who have dreams, Like we love our baby. We help them grow up. solve the problems during doing business. They thought more than they did.

We are here to help you grow your business, start your own brand, lead you to success. Cooperate with us, chase your dream.

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