Why do we choose false eyelashes instead of planting them?

choose false eyelash model show

First of all, there is a certain risk of planting eyelashes, choose false mink eyelashes will not.

The benefits of choose false eyelashes

Nowadays, there are a lot of cosmetic organizations on the street, which leads to all kinds of irregular behavior in this industry. If you don’t have the experience to go to a beauty parlor which is not technically feasible, it may cause you some trouble. Because the eyes are extremely sensitive organs, the use of substandard materials in the eyelash planting process, the eyes are very vulnerable to infection, which will induce skin and eye allergy. If the situation is worse, the eyes will be inflamed and swollen. Compared with 3D mink false eyelashes, private label false eyelashes only stick to the surface of the eye skin. And our company’s also eyelashes extension can also be removed and used repeatedly, without any harm to the skin.

Choose False Eyelash, Enjoy a Different Life

Secondly, the style of false curly eyelashes is diverse, and the planting of eyelashes is too single.

In the current market, mink eyelashes can reach hundreds of styles. Do you want a style of eyelashes every day? I don’t think you want to. Because you will go on different occasions and meet different people, you will want different effects, different styles. However, synthetic choose false eyelashes can meet your needs, so you can always replace your favorite fake eyelash style. In contrast, eyelash planting is much more complicated and wastes a lot of unnecessary time.

Finally, the price of growing eyelashes and faux mink eyelashes.

Now the average price of eyelash planting is about 2-3K dollars, which sounds very expensive. And the price of good quality volume private label eyelash is about 20 dollars. Conversely, the price of growing eyelashes can buy a one-year style of false eyelashes and wear one style every day. The difference between them is obvious,I think you’ll know which one to choose.

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