Using false eyelashes instead of planting

using false eyelashes

Let’s talk about the most important point first. There is a risk of planting false eyelashes to a greater or lesser degree. Not with using false eyelashes.

Benefits of using false eyelashes

Now, there are many cosmetics and eyelash companies on the street. Lead to various irregular behaviors in the faux eyelash industry.

If you do not have the experience of going to a beauty salon for safe eyelash correction, it may cause you trouble. Because the eyes are extremely sensitive and fragile organs. So it is easy to be hurt by carelessness in the process. At the same time, the use of substandard materials in the eyelash planting process makes the eyes very vulnerable to infection. This can induce skin and eye irritation. If it gets worse, the eyes will become red and swollen.

Compared with our mink eyelashes, private brand false eyelashes only stick to the surface of the eye skin. Moreover, the eyelash extension cords made by us as an eyelash supplier can also be removed and reused without any damage to the skin.

Choose false eyelashes to make you more radiant

We are the largest eyelash supplier in the world. There are thousands of styles of our false eyelashes. The options for eyelash planting are too single.

Do you want a same eyelash every day? I think you definitely don’t want to. Because you will meet and meet different people on different occasions, you will need different effects and different styles. It’s like you wear 13mm false eyelashes in your daily work. When you have a party, you need 28 mm mink eyelashes.

Faux lashes can meet your needs in various occasions. You can replace your favorite false eyelash style at any time. In contrast, planting eyelashes is much more complicated and wastes a lot of unnecessary time.

And finally, a very important factor is price.

The average price of eyelashes planting now is about US$2-3K, which sounds very expensive. The price of high-quality bulk private label mink eyelashes is about $10. Calculated, the price of planting eyelashes can buy enough false eyelashes for one year, and you can wear one kind every day. I think you will be able to see the difference clearly when you compare this way. You must have the answer in your heart!

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