Choose Lashes, Stick to your heart

In the 21st century, when material desire is flying, people’s living standards are constantly improving. However, people’s pursuit is no longer limited to the problem of food and clothing, everyone hopes that they can become better. Whether external or internal, we all want to make ourselves perfect. How to choose lashes are become more and more important.

In terms of external beauty, it can be said that women never feel tired chasing them. As we all know, no one likes to be better and better. Although some congenital conditions are uncertain, we can make ourselves more perfect through our own efforts in the later stage. I wonder if you have ever heard the saying that : Eyes are the windows of the mind. I think this statement is very valid. We can really guess what kind of person you are in your heart through what your eyes convey.

So the eye is really a magic thing, you have to take good care of it. Recently, I found that our company requires our female colleagues to wear false eyelashes every Friday, which is really an interesting attempt. And they’re really sexy with false mink eyelashes. So, do you want to make your eyes more beautiful?

Dear customers, if you are interested, then I want to give you a little surprise. That’s to share with you two 3d mink eyelashes that I’ve treasured for a long time. To tell you the truth, as a boy that I really think this magnetic eyelashes are too beautiful. They really look like my baby in my heart, and I hate to share them with others.

The Difference Between Lashes,Choose Lashes you Like

choose lashes style

As shown above, the first one is DM03. The eyelashes are characterized by cross-arranged mink hair length. Custom eyelashes are 20 mm long and are moderate in length compared with other eyelashes. The curvature of its fur peak looks special. Choose lashes must choose Real mink lashes may seem messy, but when you wear it, I feel that it makes your eyes deeper.

mink lashes style

The other is 3D13A. The biggest feature of this eyelash is that its mink hair root is distinct, looks very thin and light, looks more hierarchical, wearing eyelash strips will give people a very clear and clean feeling of your eyes. It gives you a very realistic feeling, close to the real eyelashes, and looks more natural.

I will share my treasure with you. If you have a heart attack, you must not miss it. To be bold to pursue what you want !

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