Problems needing attention when use false eyelashes

The effect of use false eyelashes

Use false eyelashes are a kind of makeup. The art is designed to be used in the eyes, showing an exciting spirit between the lashes, specially designed to be permeable, coloured lashes that will be fully projected onto the face. Many fashionable women like to use false eyelashes to beautify their eyes. Properly used, they can make the eyes clear and attractive. My company’s false eyelashes are not only delicate and beautiful, but also reusable.

Steps to use false eyelashes

The first is to choose your best false eyelashes. It is recommended that you wear them during the day. Do not choose long and mink eyelashes. The choice of best false eyelashes should depend on the situation.

Then select them before putting on the lashes, and then put on the eyeliner. Since mink false lashes are usually longer, one side of the falsies lashes should be cut according to the length of the eyeliner, which must be shorter than the length of the eyeliner, otherwise you will feel pain in the corner of your eye, especially in the first corner. It would be very unaccustomed. After shortening, it is best to immerse faux lashes in warm water to make eyelashes softer, more comfortable and natural.

In addition, when wearing mink eyelashes, it is important to note that our eyelashes are two pieces of glue, so they are easy to wear. Then, we should apply the best eyelash glue to the 3D eyelashes and let it dry for a few seconds before applying it to the eyes. This will be more solid. When applying eyelashes, we must try to close the eyes and full lashes. When sticking, do not strip lashes near the inner corner of the eye. About 3 mm from the inner Angle of the eye.

Otherwise, if you are too close to the inner corner of your eye, your eye will be injured. So, when you cut the length of the false lash, you said it should be shorter than the 3D lashes of the eye. It looks natural.

Why Berry Minklashes

Our mink lashes are very soft. And it’s actually very reasonable. At the same time, our materials and processes are in the leading position in the world. We have SGS certification and design process certificate.

Our designers and R&D departments see the disadvantages of traditional chemical fibers. After a lot of trial and error, mink hair was found to be the perfect material, as it was more natural and softer to cut than synthetic or protein fiber lashes. After a lot of experimentation and feedback from the market, we first decided to use mink hair as a material for eyelashes worldwide.

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