Start my own eyelash brand now!

profit to start your own eyelash brand

False eyelashes, one of the most popular industry in makeup. Girls wearing mink lashes just like use lipstick, it’s a for daily use. That’s why market consum so huge, and it bring us opportunity! Start your own eyelash brand with us now!

Start your own eyelash brand with in 100 dollars!

A lot of people may think start a own eyelash brand will cost very high. From the false eyelash to eyelash packaing and delivery. All the things mixed together will rasing a lot. But is it ture?

In Berry MinkLashes, we have many discoount policy to help new eyelash starter growing there lash business ideas. The most popular one is start beautiful eyelashes business with in $100 dollars. We will prepare 5-10 paris of best selling mink false lashes for you. You don’t need to worry about the style or model. Because all the model and style you can pick by yourself. And we will recommend you some best selling style.

This policy will include the delivery fee for many countries. What do you think $100 can do before see this? To have a dinner? Maintain your car? Now, you can start your eyelash brand to chasing the opportunity!

Why only we can help you with this

There are so many eyelash company, why only we can help you with that?

Yes, there are so many eyelash company. But they are trading company,not eyelash factory or eyelash mannufactory. What they can do is buy eyelashes from us then sale to you. Eyelash trading company have no design and after sale service. They don’t really know why this eyelash design launched.

Berry MinkLashes is a company focus on eyelash industry more than 10 years. During 10 years, we have launched thousands of false eyelashes design and model. Each of series we have our own certification. Choose us, will be your best chance!

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