About Natural Mink Lashes And Mink Lashes Factory

Natural mink lashes are our daily style. Making it more natural and closer to the length of human eyelashes.

The characteristic of natural mink lashes is that it is close to the length of people’s eyelashes

And it is more natural to wear.

It is suitable for daily work, shopping, dating, weddings and other occasions that require makeup.

Next, please enjoy the display of our natural mink lashes products,

Natural eyelashes are the first generation of products after we use mink hair materials.

When chemical fiber eyelashes were popular in the market

Our designer Oscar had already seen the disadvantages of this product and was trying hard to find a material more suitable for the human body

Finally found the material of Diao fur.

Compared with synthetic eyelashes and protein fiber eyelashes, this material is more natural and milder.

Because the mink hair is the hair extracted from animals, which is very similar to the human body’s own hair.

It comes with a little grease and has a sense of gloss, so mink hair is the most suitable material for making eyelashes.

Of course, we also guarantee that all the mink fur we use is naturally dropped by mink and will not hurt small animals at will.

About Our Natural Mink Lashes Factory Mink Lashes Vendors Mink Lashes Supplier

We are the largest and most professional manufacturer of mink eyelashes in China.

The factory was founded in 2011, from the rough road at the beginning of its establishment to the healthy road of steady development now.

We have experienced too much and gradually developed into a large enterprise integrating design, production, packaging, and export.

After so many years of growth and years of accumulation of production experience, our eyelashes are almost perfect.

Years of sales experience enables us to fully understand all kinds of problems that customers encounter in the process of sales.

And it can help customers solve these problems well and help them grow up.

Stable Supply Chain Of Mink Lashes

In today’s information age, competition is becoming more and more fierce, so whoever can master the market first can grasp the first opportunity.

The growth rate of customers is so fast that it is beyond your imagination.

Therefore, ensuring a stable supply chain is as important as ensuring one’s own logistics supply in a war.

If an enterprise is compared to a person.

The stable supply chain of the factory is the heart of our daily activities.

Only when the heart is strong and strong can our body be in a healthy state.

If the supply chain is unstable, your enterprise will take advantage of the shortage of supply in the later stage of development and the market will shrink rapidly.

Cohesive Team Of Mink Lashes

Another key factor for the gradual growth of our company is our team.

There is an old Chinese saying called: A fence with three piles, a hero with three gangs.

It means that a capable person needs the help of the team to succeed. It is difficult to achieve great things with only one’s own strength.

The reason for saying so is not only that simple things need the cooperation of many people, but also that the team needs to provide their own ideas and solutions.

The reason why our company can develop steadily is that we have our own excellent and unique corporate culture.

Secondly, it is because of the concerted efforts of our excellent colleagues in the design department

Personnel department, business department, and logistics department.

Able to help customers solve various problems in the first place.

I believe that if you cooperate with an enterprise with cultural background, mature team and steady development of the company, you will be infected and become an elite in the industry.

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E-mail: rosen@beauty-imexport.com

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