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We are not only the wholesalers of lashes, but also the leaders of lashes matching tools, such as glue, tweezers, auxiliary tools, etc. We all have wholesale exports.

Today, I ‘d like to introduce lashes glue to you.

Lashes glue is a tool that we must use in the process of wearing eyelashes.

The quality of lashes glue also directly determines whether we are comfortable to wear eyelashes.

And the lashes glue of good quality will not cause any discomfort on the user’s skin or other aspects when it is used.

Let’s show you our lashes glue.

Lashes Glue Characteristic

The technology of our glue has gradually matured after we have improved the formula for many times.

The current glue has the characteristics of natural, traceless and invisible quick drying.

Moreover, the texture after daubing is like moisturizing cream and white cream. After daubing and drying, it is transparent without color, and naturally invisible without trace.

And our glue can be fixed for a long time after being applied to eyelashes.

Because our glue is added with a lasting formula, which will not fall off and can maintain the lasting makeup effect for a whole day.

When removing our glue, it is also very simple and convenient, easy to unload, and does not hurt the eye muscles.

The method is to soak the cotton pad with warm water, cover it and stay for a few seconds, then it will be removed with a slight wipe.

Also, we must pay attention to it. If your local temperature is below 0 degrees, Please purchase it carefully.

Because the glue is easy to freeze when the weather is too cold, and the frozen glue cannot be used, it must be mainly used when buying.

Mink eyelash glue is a product that we launch with the requirements of our customers.

Customers recognize our mink eyelashes, and they are not willing to waste more time and energy to find glue.

Therefore, we have developed this eyelash glue based on the principle of everything for our customers.

Please be assured that our glue has been tested many times, the ingredients are green and healthy, no odor, high bonding strength, durable, and consumers are at ease to use.

How To Customize Lashesglue Logo


If your order quantity is not too much, we suggest that you can choose to use transparent sticker and then bronzing, so that it will look a little higher

You can refer to the picture:

Be sure to pay attention when making a logo, transparent glue and white glue logo color can be darker, black glue logo color must be lighter to ensure logo can be highlighted.

Please refer to the picture:

If you order a large quantity, you can consider silk screen printing on the glue bottle.

Because it is the most convenient, but it requires a large quantity of MOQ.

The choice of method is decided according to your specific situation.

How To Use Lashes Glue Correctly?


The correct use of eyelash glue must first understand the composition and principle of the glue, the bonding of objects.

It is realized by the pulling force between the polymer bodies in the glue.

In glue, water is the carrier of medium polymer.

Water carrying polymer slowly immerses into the tissue of the object.

When the moisture in the glue disappears, the polymer body in the glue will closely combine the two objects by mutual pulling force.

In the use of glue, too much glue will make the polymer bodies in the glue crowd together.

There is no good pulling force between polymer bodies. At the same time, the moisture between polymer bodies is not easy to volatilize.

This is why “The thicker the adhesive film is, the worse the adhesive effect is” in the bonding process”.

If the amount of glue is too large, the glue will play a role of “filling” rather than bonding.

The bonding between objects depends not on the bonding force of glue, but on the “cohesion” of glue “.

The amount of eyelash glue applied should not be too much during use, and it must be dried for a while after applying.

The colored black and white glues need to be glued to the eyelids after the glues become transparent, so the adhesive force is stronger.

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