Lash types and characteristic

different lash types model show

Beauty is the nature of every girl, and eyes are windows to the soul. I believe every girl wants her eyes big and round, but not every eye are what they think they are, so in order to satisfy the love of beauty, Create cosmetics, contact lenses, false eyelashes and other beauty products. Because I am a manufacturer and dealer for lashes, so I will talk briefly about differnet lash types.

Lash types divided by characteristics of its use

Natural lashes it’s just the right length closer to our own eyelashes, suitable for our shopping and work. More suitable for single eyelid or double eyelid narrow girls wear.

Middle lashes, After wearing the middle long eyelashes, it appears that the eyes are more round, and the eyes are more godly. His applicable crowd is more extensive, suitable for everyone to wear, but need to choose the length suitable for oneself

Short front and long back eyelashes, this kind of eyelash appearance is more elegant, so it is more attractive after wearing, wearing can improve the effect of elongating eyes; It is suitable for girls with round eyes and short eyes

Thick lashes, thick eyelashes as the name suggests, is the eyelashes are thicker, thicker; Suit makeup to wear more. Applicable to the crowd is also more suitable for the wider eyelid, eyes a little more European and American girls wear.

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