How do I start my own lash business

start your lash business!

After epidemic,everyone want to start own lash business to catch the opportunity become differnt. How to start own lash business is not hard like to find this opportunity.

Find your target customer

Everybody know,if want to start a business or sell something. The first thing is to find target customer. Lash business is also like this. Find who need and what kind of faux mink eyelash style do they need.

As we know,faux lashes have many different style. Such as false mink lashes,20mm lashes,3d mink lashes 25mm and so on. Sounds like hard to suggest right? Actually this is very easy. First, most of your customer will have there own like. They will depend on there favour and price to choose. Only few customers will need recommend. Then you can depend on own introduce for each model to recommend.

Powerful eyelash manufacturer,your best business friend

A powerful eyelash factory is your best friend to start. As I said, you need professional eyelash supplier to tell you each models feature. And good eyelash manufacturer have good mink lashes and price. These two advantages will help you growing faster!

To here, I think you will have a big question. There are so many eyelash supplier,which one is better? For this question, I can only say Berry MinkLashes. We are the earlyest eyelash supplier offer mink eyelashes. And after tens years growing,we become one of the most professional eyelash wholesaler. We have complete supply chain for all mink eyelash and the product model is come to thousands of!

What can we help for your lash business

For more than 10 years development. We have huge market data for each country. When we have business, we will share our suggest depend on it. What’s the best selling lsahes in U.S.? Which model is more suit for party? We all have the answer, and we will also use customer feedback to control product design.

Interesting right? Yes, that’s what we can do for you. But I think this is not enough. Each company should have a brand LOGO ah? So we lunched LOGO design and printing service! You can print your LOGO on our eyelash packing box and eyelash storage box!

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