How to Use Lash Glue for Faux Lashes?

faux lashes glue

If you want to use something correctly, you must understand its inner part. The same is true for the eyelash glue painted on Faux lashes.

It is realized by the pulling force between the polymer bodies in the glue.

What is faux lashes eyelash glue?

The correct use of eyelash glue must first understand the composition and principle of the glue, the bonding of objects.  It is realized by the pulling force between the polymer bodies in the glue.

In glue, water is the carrier of medium polymer. Water carrying polymer slowly immerses into the tissue of the object. When the moisture in the glue disappears, the polymer body in the glue will closely combine the two objects by mutual pulling force.

In the use of glue, too much glue will make the polymer bodies in the glue crowd together.

There is no good pulling force between polymer bodies. At the same time, the moisture between polymer bodies is not easy to volatilize.

This is why “The thicker the adhesive film is, the worse the adhesive effect is” in the bonding process”.If the amount of glue is too large, the glue will play a role of “filling” rather than bonding.

The bonding between objects depends not on the bonding force of glue, but on the “cohesion” of glue “.

The amount of eyelash glue applied should not be too much during use, and it must be dried for a while after applying. The colored black and white glues need to be glued to the eyelids after the glues become transparent, so the adhesive force is stronger.

Specific Using Steps

The adhesive has the strongest adhesion when it dries So it will take about 10 seconds for the adhesive to dry quickly. Bend the faux lashes to soften them. Then, look into the mirror and adjust the angle of the faux lashes. Gently press the false eyelashes along the root of the eyelashes. Then r hand for about 10 seconds to completely knead the real and faux lashes. After the colored glue becomes transparent, it needs to be applied to the eyelids, so it has stronger adhesion.

Okay guys, that’s all we will introduce about eyelash glue for faux lashes. Want learn more knowledge or interested in our faux lashes product?  

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