How to better develop your eyelash business?

Last weekend, a customer came to me and said they were very interested in our mascara. I sent her some mink mascara samples to show her, and she said they were very good and she liked them very much. Then she chose a square mascara. She asked if I could change the box to a different color. Then I said yes, but the price was higher than the stock box. She asked me why the price was higher, actually I was surprised, the problem was obvious. I thought this client was just starting to connect with the 3D mink eyelash business. Since this client has found me, this is our fate. I will be patient to solve the problem for her.

Because custom eyelash packaging needs to be recoloured to change the color, manufacturers change the process and the natural cost increases. In effect, this is equivalent to buying a sports car, you go to the car shop to see the car, but you don’t have the car. If you like the color, ask the manufacturer to make the car in the color you want. It’s custom made. It belongs to you alone.

The key to starting eyelash business, your own brand Logo

I said, of course, only you.
“Are you going to start an eyelash business?” I asked her.
She said: Yes, I would like to try my own line of mink eyelashes and Wedding Lashes. Indeed, it confirms what I thought.
I asked her: Are you sure where you want to put the logo?
She told me that she hadn’t figured out how to design the logo yet.

I then suggested that she design her own logo before she started the eyelash business. Because it was like bringing your own weapons before the war, and later learned that she didn’t have enough money to start the business and that the logo stamp was relatively expensive. Based on the principle of recommending benefits to the customer, I recommended eyelash stickers to her. The eyelash logo stickers are very cheap. The price of these sample eyelash boxes is relatively low, can better help her to develop the business in the early stage.

Eyelash business start, LOGO seal display

In the end, she took my advice and chose the eyelash patch. That is the right choice for my client, it can save a lot of money and help you start your eyelash business faster. Therefore, please be assured that our original intention is in your best interest.

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