How to distinguish between good and bad false eyelash suppliers

False eyelashes are one of the most popular products in cosmetics. There are more and more people start to pay attention to and carry out eyelash business. How to choose the best one from different false eyelash suppliers become seriours for people.

false eyelash suppliers

Choose an eyelash manufacturer from false eyelash suppliers

Many friends lose money when they start their false eyelash business by not paying attention to the eyelash supplier they choose. Because there’s a big difference between an eyelash manufacturer and an eyelash trading company. We all know that the factory is the real source.

Eyelash factoryusually have a wide selection of quality false eyelashes. Because trading companies pursue high profits, they don’t care about the quality of mink eyelashes. Trading companies will buy the lowest quality, cheapest style and sell it.

We all know the difference between good mink eyelashes and good mink eyelashes. However, for many people who are engaged in false eyelashes for the first time, it is difficult to distinguish them at first. So the easiest thing to do is to find an eyelash manufacturer as a supplier. They really think about the future of the industry and their customers.

What’s the advantage of eyelash manufacturers?

First of all, the eyelash factory can customize the lashes and grades according to your needs. Let’s say you want to sell top-end eyelashes. At this time, most trading companies have no stock. Because the demand is unstable. They don’t spend too much money on it in pursuit of profit. A eyelash factory can make it for you.

Eyelash factory prices will be lower than trading companies. Trading companies often create the illusion of low profits. They actually buy $1 eyelashes and sell them to you for $3.50. An eyelash factory will sell you $4 eyelashes that cost $3. So the trading company will say it’s the same product but their price is lower!

Now, I think you already have idea! If you have doubt you can directly contact us to find out. Berry MinkLashes is a eyelash manufactuers focus on false eyelashes more than 10 years. We have help hundreds of eyelash business company growing up!


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