What is the best eyelashes supplier

eyelashes supplier

Faux lashes is one of the most popular industry in makeup. With the chasing of beauty, more and more people start there own business on false mink lashes. Find a good eyelashes supplier is a problem for most new starter. So here, we sum up the things you need pay attention when choosing. Also will have good eyelash manufacturer option.

How to distinguish trading company and eyelashes supplier factory?

As we know, trading company always buying product from eyelash manufacture. They don’t have own eyelash factory so the product quality and price are not control by them. Even sometimes you buy with good price but the quality usually not enough for use. So distinguish them is a important point!

Want to distinguish between trading companies and eyelash suppliers. First of all, you can’t ask them in a hurry. Because you ask 10 trading companies, 9 of them will tell you that they are eyelash factories. So you have to look at the products and additional services. Here I recommend Berry MinkLashes, a company specializing in the eyelash industry for more than 10 years.

How do you distinguish between products and services? Very simple, first. A professional eyelash supplier will have hundreds of styles. Because it is suitable for different series, materials, lengths, and uses. Each dimension will subdivide a lot of styles, so the models will be very, very many. And trading companies usually only purchase some popular styles and high-profit false mink lashes styles.

Why Berry MinkLashes is your best choose

As I mentioned before, we are an eyelash wholesaler specializing in faux lashes for more than 10 years. Integrate all upper and lower supply chains. The production, packaging, sales and production of eyelashes packaging are all done in our own factory. And we also provide eyelash customization services.

We know that many people are just now in this industry. So in terms of product recommendation, we will recommend it from our database. Each region will have the most popular styles, and these styles are the key to your success!

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