Do you want to have your own eyelash box?

Now there are all kinds of eyelash box on the market, customers can also have more choices. But in the pursuit of a better user experience, our company’s designers are constantly launching a series of new eyelash boxes.

Imagine if you chose a favorite eyelash and put it in an eyelash box without any feeling. Would you be happy? I don’t think so. The eyelash boxes on the market now generally have the following styles: round boxes, square boxes, rectangular boxes, diamond boxes.

Round and Square eyelash boxes

This box is suitable for short eyelashes, and the shape is compact, easy to wear.

Square eyelash box is suitable for long eyelashes because of its longer diameter and thicker. It has a large window at the top, which is more intuitive. For example: DH, DM, DX can be loaded into this box.

Rectangular eyelash box:

This style of eyelash box is more classic, appearance style is more. Because the bottom of the box tray is open at both ends, there is ample space to put on the big lashes, and it looks quite symmetrical.

Diamond eyelash box:

This diamond box is unique in shape, showing its unique luxury. And it has a shiny surface. It’s a very cool eyelash box. If you like to be different, you’re right to choose it.

Unique custom

Last but not least, Our company starts from the needs of customers. We have prepared some boxes for those customers who have dreams of doing eyelash business, but have no funds to do their own logo. These boxes are exquisite, atmospheric or fashionable. You can either stamp the logo on the base or make some transparent little stickers to make your own logo. You can click here to see more information.

Choose a brand from him! We will be your strong backing, reliable supplier. It can not only save money for you, but also help you to open up the market!