2021 New Eyelash Box Recommended!

New Eyelash Box

2021 New Design of Eyelash Box!

The New Year requires a new eyelash box. We offer custom eyelash box to make your products fashionable, luxurious and outstanding. In addition, these custom cases protect false lashes from damage. Which means you’re selling delicate lashes with sustainable packaging. It’s important to personalize your products with an attractive and durable eyelashes package.

We provide three different types of eyelash packaging box for you to choose!

Environmental Eyelash Box:

Environmental Eyelash Box

In order to help you meet the needs of different customers in different markets, we have designed a new biodegradable packaging box. Perfect for vegetarians and one of our best sellers recently. Different colours and styles can be customized according to your requirements.

Round Eyelash Box:

Round Eyelash Box
Round Eyelash Boxes

In recent years, the round packaging box has attracted many customers because of its novel and shiny appearance and small size. You can even carry it in your pocket, and the gorgeous exterior and small mirror make it extremely convenient. We designed the latest exterior based on the feedback of the market and customers to make it more three-dimensional and aesthetic. At the same time, we also support LOGO printing service in the low MOQ. You can send your LOGO and your favourite patterns to us for printing.

New Comprehensive Eyelash Box:

New Comprehensive Eyelash Box

What’s the most popular design for 2021? I’m sure you’ll often see makeup artists with small boxes on different occasions to perfect the look. Instead of just wearing a pair of false eyelashes, more and more people are using a full package.

According to the feedback of many makeup artists. Customers and the market, our design department has designed boxes suitable for all kinds of situations. Now, the box can hold multiple pairs of eyelashes to make it easier for customers to cope with different scenes. At the same time, it is equipped with a portable tray, which all supports the design of eyelash curlers, eyeliner, brushes and so on. The box support is also splash proof for special situations.

The Best Eyelash Box and Eyelash:

Here are some of our latest eyelash boxes. Does it interest you? As an accessory of faux eyelashes, eyelashes cartridges are extremely important. Compared with packaging boxes, our internal false eyelashes are more perfect and novel. We are the most high-end, innovative and high-quality supplier in the market. We use eyelashes and cartridges as a whole to save you a lot of shopping time.

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