Better start your eyelash business

A customer came to me over the weekend and said they were very interested in our eyelash box. Later I sent her some samples of the eyelash box catalog to show her, and she said that the eyelash box was very good and she liked it very much. Then she chose a square box. She asked me if I could make the box different colors. I say yes, but the price is higher than the box in stock. She asked me why the price was higher. In fact, I was very surprised, the problem is obvious. I am thinking that this customer is just starting to contact the eyelash business, but since the customer has found me, this is our fate, I will patiently solve the problem for her.

Because the eyelash box needs recoloring to change the color, the manufacturer changes the process, the natural cost will increase. In fact, this is equivalent to buying a sports car, you go to the store to see the car, but you don’t like the color, you ask the manufacturer to make a car you want the color of the car. This is customization. It’s unique. It belongs to you alone.

Then she asked me if I could add my own logo.
I said of course.
I asked her, “are you going to start an eyelash business?”
She said: yes, I want to try the eyelash business. This confirmed my idea.
I asked her: have you decided where you want to put your logo?
She told me that she hadn’t figured out how to design the logo.
Then I suggested that she should design her own logo before starting her eyelash business. Because it’s like bringing your own weapons before you go to war. Later I learned that her initial start-up fund was insufficient, while logo stamping was relatively expensive. Following the principle of putting clients’ interests first, I recommended eyelash sticker to her.
Eyelash logo stickers are very cheap. These sample boxes typically cost between $0.80 and $1.20, and there’s no better way to start the eyelash business.

Finally, she took my recommendation and chose the eyelash sticker. This is the right choice for my client, and it saves a lot of money and helps you start your eyelash business faster.
So, please believe that our original intention is absolutely beneficial to you.

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