Why keep designing new style false eyelashes?

Suddenly I think of this problem, because my boss said at the meeting today that the era of fan economy has passed, and today is the era of eyeball economy. Especially in the false mink eyelashes industry.

Later, I thought about it carefully. That’s true. Television needs eyeballs, only ratings can guarantee the economic interests of TV stations; magazines need eyeballs, only circulation is the economic lifeblood of magazines; websites more need eyeballs, only click-through rate is the concentrated expression of the value of websites. Nothing is eternal in today’s era, and the world is constantly changing. What follows is that people’s perception of things has also changed. Perhaps this is a performance of social progress.

Continuous design of new eyelashes also depends on: girls need different makeup with different styles of eyelashes, do different things every day. Therefore, as a mink eyelash supplier, Our supplier should constantly design new styles, and constantly bring new experience to customers. Nowadays, most women like the new and hate the old. This is human nature. Because a person is exposed to too many new things every day, you will inevitably give up something you used to like.

False eyelashes have so many styles that girls will want to try different sensations. However, when her eyes see a favorite private label eyelash, she’ll be sure that’s what she wants. This is eyeball economy. It’s so simple.

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