Problems needing attention when false eyelashes apply

False eyelashes are a kind of cosmetic products. Art design is used in the eyes, eyelash excitement between the show of the spirit-like temperament, specially designed to permeable, color eyelashes will be completely projected on the face. Many fashionable women like to use false eyelashes to beautify their eyes. The correct use of them will make their eyes clear and moving. Our company’s false eyelashes are not only delicate and beautiful, but also can be used repeatedly.

The first is to choose false eyelashes. It is suggested that if you wear them during the day, you should not choose long false eyelashes. The choice of false eyelashes should be based on the occasion.

Then choose eyelashes before wearing them, then put them in the eye line before you wear them. Because the false eyelashes are generally longer, you should cut off one side of the false eyelashes according to the length of your eyeliner, the length must be shorter than your eyeliner, otherwise you will feel pain at the corner of your eyes, especially the first time. It will be very unaccustomed. After the length is cut, it is better to soak the false eyelashes in warm water, so that the eyelashes will be softer and more comfortable and natural.

Besides, when wearing false eyelashes, we must pay attention to that our eyelashes are two sections with glue, which is quite convenient to wear. Then we should apply the glue on the false eyelashes and let it dry for a few seconds before applying to the eyes. This will be more solid. When sticking eyelashes, we must try to close to our eyes and grow eyelashes. When sticking, don’t stick the false eyelashes too close to the inner corners of the eyes. It’s about 3 millimeters away from the inner corners of the eyes.

Otherwise, if you stick too close to the inner corners of the eyes, the eyes will hurt. So when you cut the length of the false eyelashes before, you said that it should be shorter than the eyelashes of your eyes. It looks natural.

That’s what I want to tell you to pay attention to.