Characteristics of different styles of lashes

Our company produces many kinds of eyelashes, which can be applied to different people and the environment. There are Natural series, 3D series, Silk series, and Bottom series. Today, we briefly introduce the characteristics of these series.

The 3D series includes DC&3T, DM&DL, DH&DB, DX and other style. DM style length 18-20 mm, natural three-dimensional, multi-rolled style, strong sense of hierarchy. DL style length is 18-20 mm, natural, three-dimensional, double-deck, many styles, roll thick layer feeling. DH style length 25mm natural, three-dimensional, avant-garde style, thick curling, strong sense of hierarchy. The DB style is 25mm in length. Natural, three-dimensional, double-decked, bold style, thick curling, strong sense of hierarchy. DX style length 28mm, natural, three-dimensional, super-long, fashionable shape, suitable for black people.

Natural series, style A 13-16mm in length, natural, short, short eyelashes, close to the true eyelashes feeling.

Silk series, style 3DS 16-18mm in length, natural, layered, velvety texture, silky.

Bottom series styles are X, 3 mm in length, natural, layered, with lower eyelashes.

Each series is suitable for different environments and different girls. For example, 3D series is more suitable for stage and European and American makeup because of its long length and strong cosmetic sense. Natural series is short in length, close to true eyelashes, poor makeup sense, more suitable for daily work, do not like to wear makeup for girls. Silk Series is the middle of 3D Series and Natural Series, and has a wide range of applications. Bottom series is the next eyelash, but also suitable for Europe and the United States, a strong cosmetic sense of eyelashes.

Beauty-loving girls can choose according to their actual needs, of course, we also accept custom-made, if you need to contact me at any time, I will spare no effort to help you.